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Iphone 14 Pro Max giveaway Deep purple (256 Gb) 30.11
Iphone 14 Pro Max giveaway Deep purple (256 Gb)

Terms and conditions of the contest:

1. The contest is held for partners registered in the Loft.Partners partner program, working on the terms of the “Revenue Share” model for all geolocations available in the partner program.

2. Terms of the contest / promotion period: 01/12/2022 — 31/12/2022 (inclusive).

3. The rating of partners in the contest is estimated by the total amount of deposits converted into EUR currency received from all players listed under the terms of the “Revenue Share” model at a promotional rate.

4. The access at the promotional rate of Revenue Share in the amount of 50% is established for the period of the promotion and is retained by the partner for the duration of the entire period of cooperation, provided that the partner starts working during the promotion period.

5. The amount of deposits made by players is taken into account only during the promotion period.

6. Minimum number of attracted players who have made a deposit: 10 people.

7. The intermediate results of the contest are updated daily on the website https://Loft.Partners after 12:00 (UTC).

8. In the leaderboard of the contest the name of the partner’s account is initially hidden (the ID is displayed in the partner system). If a partner wants to display his name / the name of his company in the leaderboard, it is necessary to inform the partner program manager about this.

9. Summing up the results of the contest takes place on 01/01/2023, the final result will be published on the Loft.Partners website.

Obtaining a prize

1. The main prize of the contest is Iphone 14 Pro Max Deep purple (256 Gb). The prize is sent to the winner by free delivery to the address agreed with the partner.Obtaining a prize

2. The prize will be sent within 3 days from the moment the partner provides the delivery address. The winner will be provided with the track number of the parcel from the moment of dispatch (if applicable).

3. The delivery will be arranged using the DHL service or a similar sender. The organizer of the giveaway does not affect the delivery time set by the sender.

4. We reserve the right to cancel the winnings if we find any violations.

Current leaderboard


Aff ID
135896– 32582
135904– 21249
135902– 8550
135900– 6152
141779– 4562
144446– 3995
135972– 3895
135903– 3665
135900– 2970
135241– 1072